Dollar Tree Customer Support

Dollar Tree has exceptional customer service for every type of customer. Dollar Tree’s customer support works to make your shopping experience better with attentive and personalized help.

Dollar Tree Customer Support Center

General Customer Support Line

Discover the primary customer support line at 1-877-530-8733, This for general inquiries and concerns.

Operating Hours

Operating diligently from Monday to Friday, 8 AM-11 PM EST, and on weekends from 10 AM-7 PM EST

Dollar Tree Operating Hours

Order Assistance Hotline

Explore the dedicated Order Assistance Hotline at 1-877-530-TREE (8733) for swift resolution of immediate order concerns.

Telecheck Payment Line

Connect with the Telecheck Payment Line at 1-800-366-1048 for inquiries about check approval services

Spanish Language Support

A dedicated customer support for Spanish language customers is set up. Experience extended hours and personalized assistance for Spanish-speaking customers at 1-877-ASA-DOLLAR (1-877-272-3665).

Spanish Language Customer Support

Hearing Impaired (TTY)

In a commitment to inclusivity, Dollar Tree prioritizes accessibility for customers with hearing or speech impairments. Through the use of Text Telephone (TTY) support at 1-877-530-8733, the company ensures that individuals facing speech challenges can still connect with customer support seamlessly. This dedicated service guarantees that everyone, regardless of hearing or speech abilities, can receive the assistance they need for a positive shopping experience

International Customer Support

Dollar Tree extends a helping hand globally through its International Customer Support service. You can tap into this support network by dialing 1-757-857-7676, where assistance is provided in English to cater to a diverse and worldwide audience. Whether you’re shopping from overseas or have inquiries beyond national borders, Dollar Tree’s commitment to international customer support ensures that customers from different parts of the world can access the assistance they need, fostering a truly global shopping experience

Data and Privacy Helplines

Should you suspect any data breaches or theft, Dollar Tree prioritizes your security. Report such incidents promptly through the dedicated hotline at 1-888-811-TREE (8733). This ensures a swift response to protect your information and maintain the integrity of your shopping experience

Employee Help Desk

Employees have access to a dedicated help desk line at 1-877-DTREE-HELP (1-877-387-3335) to address work-related questions or issues.

The help desk is staffed from 7am-7pm EST on weekdays for immediate assistance. Requests received outside hours will be responded to on the next business day.

The Dollar Tree Compass employee portal allows associates to register any compliance complaints, submit issues or concerns, access company updates, and view important resources all in one digital hub.

Privacy Policy Questions

Dollar Tree values transparent communication regarding its privacy practices. For any inquiries about the privacy policy or if you wish to make removal requests, connect with Dollar Tree through [email protected]. This dedicated channel ensures that your privacy concerns are addressed, fostering a trustworthy and secure shopping environment.


In conclusion, Dollar Tree’s robust customer support, spanning general inquiries to specialized helplines, reflects its commitment to a positive shopping experience. The provision of TTY support, international assistance, and dedicated services for data breaches underscores the company’s accessibility and security focus. Dollar Tree not only sells products but ensures a seamless and supported journey for every customer

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